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5 Tips for having younger looking skin.

1. Modify your skin care routine:
Stop wasting time and money on the WRONG products.

2. Repair your cells
from the outside in or from the inside out

Repair your cells… this is key to good skin, body function and muscular strength. What you eat, how much water you consume, amount of sleep, what is in your environment and what you put on your skin is profoundly important for the health of your body, and your skin health and the glow you are looking for.

The molecule that I have discovered, read about and for which I have observed the most wonderful transformations take place is Glutathione. The product in particular the glutathione hydrastat spray and the glutathione swish. Glutathione is awesome for the skin. I came across this revolutionary hydrostat technology just recently and found that it does wonders for the skin of the face, and hands, both of which usually show the age of a person. Using it to renew your body from the outside with the spray and from the inside with the glutathione swish.

3. Glow easily at home:

Our goal for you is to give you different options and tips to keep your skin looking YOUTHFUL.

i) Exercise is a good way to start and important continue not only for your skin but your complete wellbeing

ii) Essential oils are another.

To help transform your skin, essential oils can be used in DIY skin care to help fine lines and wrinkles, even out patchy areas, improve clarity, brighten skin, give a youthful appearance, and even help to banish blemishes.

iii) Primaskin hydrastat glutathione, spraying hands, face and other ares 2x a day.
Just spray and glow, even over makeup. Applying the PrimaSkin seems to be more overall effective than essential oils alone.

iv) Know what acid-base foods/habits are and know to stay away from the acids (coffee, red meats, alcohol, cigarettes plus others for example), as all are bad for your skin and body.

4. Everything we put into our bodies
either immediately helps us or harms us.

From toxins in our food and water, pollutants in our air, our bodies are constantly being bombarded with bad stuff. When these toxins get into our body and our blood, basically that are considered free radicals. Antioxidants are good things and are those molecules and products that fight free radicals in and from cells, muscles, organs and skin. A balance between free radicals and antioxidants is required for proper physiological function of the body. If free radicals overwhelm the body's ability to regulate them, a condition known as oxidative stress ensues. Oxidative stress leads to inflammation, the combination of which can trigger a number of human diseases.

How often do you hold a phone beside your head? You need to stop that now!

In North America, 5G was rolled out in late 2019. The effects of 5G have been studied as far back as 1977 and the results are quite shocking. In a radiation study of that year in Russia, a discovery was made that when subjects were exposed to 5G radiation at a certain intensity, a change of function of cells occurred, along a with measured biochemical change taking place in the DNA, cellular enzymes, blood, bone and skin. This is the same 5G wavelength that we are exposed to today. 5G has a direct negative effect on the body. These radiation effects can be countered if the antioxidants are plentiful in the body to overwhelm the free radicals.

The result of that Russian study confirms that even today, that we have to keep 5G away from our face, head, hands and reproductive organs, our whole being in fact. Yet that is not easily done in todays’ world as 5G is everywhere through building and 5G towers every kilometre. As stated above, 5G creates cellular changes, adversely affecting those cells and predisposing you to all sorts of physical health issues.

The skin is the largest organ, we have to use products that repair cells, products that mop up free radicals and products that diminish the oxidative stress effects of inflammation on the face and the body. Cell damage is an end result of 5G exposure. Glutathione is an awesome molecule to help with that mopping up and repairing of damaged cells throughout the entire body. Every cell of the body needs and uses Glutathione for its energy supply. EMF shield protective devices are very important and should be considered for regular use against 5G, or as part of your restorative therapy. Glutathione is the product that, over my past 40 years in the health care and fitness industry has caught my undivided attention.

5. Did you know that you can age in the 3 different ways?

Chronological aging; psychological/social aging; physiological aging;

i) Chronological is a non-modifiable aging. Whether you like it or not, the calendar turns over every year. Each year you get older. No surprise.

ii) Psychological/social aging can refer to the ability for you to adapt and be aware of the aging process. Thinking, perception, interpretation and cognitive abilities begin to wane or decline with advancing age.

iii) Physiological aging is characterized by progressive age-changes in metabolism and physicochemical properties of cells, leading to impaired self-regulation, repairing and/or regeneration, and to structural changes and functional tissues and organs. Cells get old and die off naturally, and faster with toxic interference.

Physiological aging is modifiable. You have probably met some people who look considerably younger than their chronological age suggests that they should look. Why is that? It could be genetics. But that aside, it is about what you are doing to overcome the toxins that get into your body, by ensuring your antioxidants are high. Fighting off and overcoming the free radicals, the oxidative stress and inflammation resulting, repairing your cells from the inside and what you are putting on your skin from the outside (think PrimaSkin hydrastat glutathione spray).

Improving the environment inside the cell, the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) gives your body energy in all the systems. Body energy is important for day to day living. Glutathione hydrastat technology can help with that. When cells become impaired, the age faster and die off. When cells age faster you age faster. When regeneration is hampered, the cell gets old more quickly and die off. When cells get old more quickly, you get old more quickly. When glutathione gets back into the cells, and serves as fuel for those cells, people’s energy comes back, vitality returns, mental clarity starts to improve, as does complexion, drive and initiative. I have seen it in others and have experienced it myself, that when glutathione gets into your cells, you get into life.

Consider the cost of some of the common face procedures:
Acupuncture face lift 10 sessions. $1500
Surgical Face lift

The average cost of a facelift is $8,005, according to the most recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This average cost is only part of the total price – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

Thread lifts range from $300 (per area) to $1500 (per area)

Glutathione is great post surgically to improve healing times 40-60% and reduces post surgical bruising.
When for wound healing or skin healing, Hydrastat glutathione PrimaSkin and Swish are available at a fraction of the cost.

For more information about Glutathione click HERE and you will be taken to a video where you will see before and after pics plus personal testimonies of skin health and rejuvenation, and get a snap shot of the science behind the product. Make sure you come right back here after the video..

Want to keep from looking

Too old
Too fast? 

Always seeing wrinkles, patchy complexion and saggy jowls in the mirror?  This moment could be just the breakthrough you've been looking for.

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Our goal is to help restore the look, feel and health of your skin naturally, to reduce your wrinkles, tighten up those saggy jowls and restore a youthful appearance to your graceful aging . We Help women and men To look and feel more youthful in their face and hands.  People will wonder to themselves 'what is his real age?'.  People will say she is looking younger, and may ask her what is herr secret?                              Do you want to experience joy in the mirror every day? 

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Before and after -
this can be you 

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Your Always Essential


Check out the blog  5 tips for more youthful skin and then come back here for more content.


For skin care Hydrastat Glutathione skin spray: Just click here

For Swish30 and how it works on all your body cells  just click here



Dr. James

'Your Always Essential' was founded close to the start of the worldwide health issue that circled the globe. So much division was created, in particular, division of who was and wasn't essential.  In searching for answers, the biggest threat to most people in times of crisis is fear and loss of hope, leading to despair, amongst many other things, and as a result, diminished health.  

It was during that time Dr. James came across this newly discovered technology involving a molecule that, through his investigation, is poised to change the health and wellbeing of so many people.  To give people hope in healing, to give hope in knowing that everyone is always essential to God, family, friends, loved ones, neighbours, and at some points even at the strangest of times, to strangers.  Hope is a key component of live and living.  Even if it's just a 3 word tag line or title, not grammatically accurate 'your always essential', leads to 3 more words, 'giving people hope'. 

Dr. James has been in the fitness and health care industry for over 40 years. From the time in his earlier years as a personal trainer, gym manager, he immersed himself in a master's program of exercise rehabilitation, paralleled as a conditioning strategist for those needing cardiac rehab, and a high performance athlete evaluator, and followed up much later with studies in homeopathy, acupuncture, and other healing arts. He finally settled into his main love of wellness, health and fitness, through Chiropractic healthcare. Over the decades he has investigated, come across, been offered opportunities, researched and studied a vast array of health supplements or inventions clients have brought to him. Recently he has discovered a number of wonderful health products, but a very special one in particular, one which was brought to him by a colleague and mentor.   This health product  has made a tremendous impact on his health, fitness and overall wellbeing.  One that he eagerly wants to share with you. One that was discovered and created by Steve Scott and his team of researchers, Hydrastat Glutathione.

What Is your skin


Does This Sound Like You?

You see yourself, your image, every day in the mirror and you are your biggest critic.  Is there one thing that you haven't tried, that one thing, one product, that you wish would come along and make you look years younger?   Your current concerns, ones that keep coming up could be: 

  • Do you feel like... your skin will never get better?
  • Does it seem... as if you have tried everything?
  • Are you frustrated that... your skin is saggy and patchy no matter what?
  • And when it comes down to it, have you... surrendered, and given in to the wrinkles and fine lines, dullness, off colour, and pores that seem to get bigger every morning?
  • ​If a new technology, a new product came out, and was offered to you today and all things being equal, in a perfect world, and if it could give you a look to your skin years younger, would ​you want it?  Would you get it?  Most people would say prove it.  Keep reading for the testimonies.


Proven Before and after Outcomes

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Before and after -
this can be you 

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All Our Products

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Your Always Essential

Benefits of Swish30

Hydrastat Glutathione technology. is unparalleled in the industry.  The other types of glutathione are mostly destroyed by the stomach acid rendering them ineffective.  This product, as the name states, you swish in your mouth.  Within approximately one minute the glutathione gets into the cells through the glands and the circulation in the mucous membranes of the mouth never making it to the stomach since the glutathione is withdrawn during the swishing.

Look at what happens when you start to swish Glutathione into your every day routine::

  • ​Awesome Benefit  immune boost and joint supporter
  • Awesome Benefit,  cognitive health and improves sleep
  • ​Awesome Benefit clean/sustainable energy with rapid recovery
  • Awesome Benefit  improves skin health
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Your Always Essential

Benefits of PrimaSkin

PrimaSkin has solved the #1 problem in skin care... absorption.  You've seen in the testimonies how this product has made these clients so pleased with their skin and more youthful and renewed look of their face. 

Start using it and you will discover:

  • ​AwesomeBenefit, lifts and firms
  • Awesome Benefit, fine lines and wrinkles reduced
  • ​Awesome Benefit, brightens and evens skin tone
  • Awesome Benefit, fight skin aging pollutants

Part of our education library

Videos on Glutathione

podcast-cover_1-min png

Video Episodes

Learn more about glutathione and PrimaSkin and Swish30 by watching these videos.

podcast-cover_1-min png

Episode Swish30-  Easy as swish and go!
Glutathione plays a crucial role in maintaining cellular health by neutralizing harmful free radicals and protecting cells from oxidative stress. By taking nano glutathione (Swish 30®), you will find it helps improve skin health, support immune function, and inflammation, sleep, more energy and leading to improved overall health and well-being.  Watch the video

podcast-cover_1-min png

Episode PrimaSkin- Spray and Glow!
Why wait years and merely hope that your skin care system will keep you from looking too old too fast? And why spend hundreds of dollars on skin care systems that require you to spend lots time “carefully” applying them? PrimaSkin’s nano-system puts everything your skin needs, in ONE, incredibly simple-to-use product. You simply spray your face with our nano-solution in the morning, anytime during the day and again in the evening. It's that simple!  Watch the video

podcast-cover_1-min png

No video Episode Combo- Benefits of both:
Prima Skin Benefits:
Help Reduce Pore Size, Lift & Firm
Reduce the Appearance of FineLines & Wrinkles
Smooth Skin Texture,  Brighten & Even Skin Tone
Fight Skin Aging Pollutants and May Improve Mild Acne

Swish30 Benefits
Immune Booster, Joint Support
Cognitive Health
Clean & Sustained Energy with Rapid Recovery
Improves Sleep & Much More

064 png

A bottle of Prima Skin

Spray and Glow

064 png

A bottle of Swish30

Swish and Go

A combo pack

One bottle each of PrimaSkin & Swish30
Spray swish, glow 'n go!
Swish, spray, go 'n glow! 


14-1-IMG png

Before and after -
this can be you 

Click The Button Below And Give Me Your Best Email Address To Get started on reducing your fine lines, and wrinkles plus so much more.